Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians


Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians


From the Carpathian Foundation Emergency Response Fund, financial support can be requested and used for financing civil initiatives dealing with the refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

What do we support?

We support bottom-up civic initiatives aiming at supporting refugees from Ukraine, which are implemented in the region of North-Eastern Hungary (in the settlements of Northern Hungary and / or the Northern Great Plain regions), which plan to promote the well-being of refugees, families, and children. This means any activities, programs, events, and promotions organized to ensure the well-being of those involved, can be supported.

Priority is given to:

  • initiatives targeting children and / or specifically Roma families,


  • efforts that aim to ensure the well-being, cultural preservation, and education of refugee children,


  • proposals that are process-oriented, i.e. thinking in processes,


  • initiatives that intend to build cooperation with existing social, educational, health, and cultural services and institutions


  • initiatives aimed at the development and expansion of human and infrastructural resources of organizations involved in managing the refugee situation and provisioning their resources,


  • initiatives focused on coordinating, establishing and supporting the cooperation of organizations and people involved in refugee crisis management

Who can apply?

  • A non-governmental organization (association, foundation, social cooperative) registered at least one year ago (in 2021), which (demonstrably) operates and is officially registered in the regions of Northern Hungary and / or the Northern Great Plain


  • Organizations with relevant prior experience in organizing and conducting community, social, cultural, educational programs with vulnerable / Roma communities and children, as well as with the local community,


  • The organization must be carrying out assistance activities among the refugees from Ukraine prior to submitting the application, which it can present credibly (i.e. it does not undertake to do so only in connection with this call).

What is the amount of support that can be applied for:

  • maximum HUF 500,000/project for organizing programs, events, promotions, processes,
  • maximum HUF 1,000,000/project for civil infrastructure or human resource development purposes, including coordination, development, and collaborative efforts.

Deadline for project implementation: 1-3 months

What costs can I apply for?

  • Human resources (salary, commission, volunteer allowances, etc.)
  • Assets and materials (acquisition of small assets, materials, except vehicles and real estate)


  • Travel and transport costs (staff, volunteers, refugee travel and transport costs)


  • Service costs (training, supplies, consultancy, event organization, overheads, accounting, etc.)

It is not allowed to request funding mostly for in-kind, tangible donations. However, costs related to the organization of in-kind, tangible donations are affordable.

What the grant cannot be spent on:

  • Covering costs charged or to be charged to other projects or grants,
  • Penalties, leasing, loans,
  • Acquisition of real estate and motor vehicles,
  • Recoverable VAT.

How to apply for a grant?

Grant applications must be submitted by e-mail to along with the downloadable form and budget table below (Only fully completed forms will be evaluated). An organization may submit only one application (apply for both objectives
on one form at a time), but may re-apply only if it has already accounted for the previous grant.
How is the assessment and payment of support made?
Selection and evaluation criteria (all aspects are taken into account in 20%):

  • Does the previous experience of the applicant organization guarantee the successful implementation of the project?
  • To what extent is the project focused on real needs?
  • To what extent is the planned intervention relevant to the situation, i.e. what is the project’s feasibility?
  • Is the planned budget realistic? Is the planned cost proportional to the planned result and impact?
  • Is the result and impact of the project significant? Respectively, it is proportional to the planned activities and costs.

Applications that are completed and submitted will be evaluated by the Board of Trustees of the Carpathian Foundation on a two-week, 10-day basis. The applying organization will be notified of the decision by email the day after the decision. 50-100% of the grant amount will be transferred in advance by the Carpathian Foundation to the supported organizations after signing the grant agreement (by agreement).

First deadline for applications


Second deadline for applications:


Fourteenth deadline for applications: 1 December 2022 - decision on applications submitted so far 8 December 2022.

Fifteenth deadline for applications: 16 December 2022 - decision on applications submitted so far 3 January 2023.


Reporting and accounting information:

The total grant must be reported after the end of the project by completing and submitting the forms below. The grantee may request a shift between individual cost lines and categories by email with justification. However after shifting the costs, the total amount of the grant cannot exceed the original grant total. Depending on the Carpathian Foundation’s capacity, it intends on visiting all supported
projects in person and participating in organized events.

More information is available at:
Boglárka Bata, + 36-20-573-6644

We reserve the right to make changes!
Eger, 8 April 2022.
Carpathian Foundation-Hungary

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