Workshops in March- "Know Your Rights" Project


In March, 2022 Dánielné Tóth Beáta, the representative of Hungarian Civil Liberties Union and Bódva Valley Roma Women in Public Life Association held workshops in Bükkszentmárton, Szomolya and Szajla. The topic was domestic violence, women and children rights, which was discussed by the participants in interactive and playful way. They touched upon the differences between discrimination and crime which affects Roma people, the forms of domestic violence, and effective actions against them were also discussed.

A best practice visit was organized for the community of Szomolya and Bükkszentmárton in Nyíregyháza. Réka Makula, the head of the XXI. National Association of Roma Women of the Century presented the activities of the NGO, exchange of experience had also happened with the representatives of Village Developers Association of Bükkszentmárton and the Hungarian-Roma Association in Szomolya about their Roma integration programs.

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