Statement on the war in Ukraine

For almost three decades, the Carpathian Foundation, which embraces the bordering areas of Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine, has contributed to the development of the Carpathian Region. Our Foundation fosters cross-border cooperation, overcoming language barriers, cultural and historical differences to strengthen the role of civil society in local development, thus contributing to the territorial cohesion of the Carpathians.

The current war in Europe contradicts everything the Carpathian Foundation and its partners stand for.

We are shocked that this terrible war against Ukraine is destroying all that we have worked for. We are now working to find other ways to express our solidarity and profound sympathy with the people in the Carpathian countries, especially in Ukraine.

Therefore, in close cooperation with Carpathian Foundation Slovakia, we have established the Slovak-Hungarian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians. Civil society groups across Slovakia and Hungary are mobilizing to collect resources and European donations to meet humanitarian needs, both within Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees welcomed in neighboring countries (Hungary, Slovakia).

Donations to the Slovak-Hungarian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians will be distributed as follows:

1) Direct emergency support within Ukraine. For example, parcels of basic non-perishable foodstuffs; hygiene parcels of soap, medications, diapers; drinking water and firewood.

2) Aid to refugees in Hungary and Slovakia. This aid will be used for immediate and acute needs, as well as provides legal and psychological assistance and other forms of long-term support (integration assistance and education).

Funds will be distributed to not-for-profit organizations based on evolving needs. The current immediate priority is to address needs within Ukraine.

If you would like to help us in our efforts, please make a financial donation to the Fund. We will provide ongoing updates.

On behalf of the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary and the Carpathian Civil Society Platform: thank you for your generosity.

Sándor Köles

Chair, Board of Directors

Carpathian Foundation


Boglárka Bata

Executive Director

Carpathian Foundation