Strategic objectives

We support sustainable local development initiatives of NGOs and communities

We support disadvantaged rural areas and vulnerable groups

We work to raise social awareness and we support disadvantaged youth

News and events


During March-April 2021 Carpathian Foundation-Hungary and its partner organizations in Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland organized an inter-regional webinar series consisting of four events.
As a partner organization of the WHO Foundation, we would like to draw attention to the fact that, unfortunately, due to the health situation in many countries, the only chance of overcoming this epidemic is vaccination, but there is not a sufficient number of vaccines available in these countries. You can also help with participating in the GoGiveOne campaign, through the Carpathian Foundation you can donate.
Please join our Zoom Webinar and learn the best practices from two civil societies working in the Carpathian area of Slovakia.
Join our Zoom Webinar and get to know best practices from two civil society organizations woking in the Carpathian area of Slovakia.
Join our Zoom Webinar and get to know best practices from two civil society organizations woking in the Carpathian area of Ukraine.
Join our online Zoom webinar and get acquainted with the best practices of two NGOs operating in Northern Hungary.
A publication has been produced as part of the “Opportunity for Disadvantaged Children” project, which can also be viewed in this article.
We had the pleasure to welcome two new members of our governing bodies Autumn 2020. We are very much looking forward to implementing our strategy with the new board members.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Carpathian Crew

Words of welcome

Since the establishment of the Carpathian Foundation, the external environment, by which the creation of the Foundation was motivated and its mission was defined, has profoundly changed. In the border regions of the five countries of Carpathian Euroregion - Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine - civil society organisations (CSOS) were strengthened. In four out of five countries, the peripheral nature was changed by their accession to the EU. The relationship between national and ethnic groups was improved, which was in no small way due to the activities of the Carpathian Foundation. This positive movement, however, present new challenges in the light of which, all the problems emerged from the past or wholly new problems arise - Our Foundation intends to contribute in solving them to the best of its ability.  There is no space to take these challenges into account, therefore only a few are mentioned here:

  • lagging, marginalized and unexploited regions,
  • uneven distribution of funds flowing from the European Union,
  • mistrust and low willingness to cooperate.

Based on these new ‘old’ challenges and opportunities, the Carpathian Foundation's five-year strategy was developed in 2015. It focuses on developing the human and community resources of the region for development, as well as strengthening the absorption capacity of the region. The implementation of the strategy is organisationally ensured by the independence and close cooperation of the four members of the International Carpathian Foundation Network (Read more at . Our website presents programs of the Carpathian Foundation – Hungary counting on all those who wish to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of North-East Hungary and the Carpathian Euroregion.

Sándor Köles, president, Board of Directors

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