Organizational structure

The 4 member Board of Directors is the supreme organ of the Foundation. This body is responsible to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization and to manage the utilization of the assets in accordance with the object of the Foundation and with the legal prescriptions, and economic laws. In addition to this the Board of Directors helps the staff of the Foundation in decision-making in all major issues, fund raising, lobbying and providing professional advices in programmatic and  organizational developments as well.

Chairperson: Mr. Sándor Köles
(executive director of the Carpathian Foundation between 1995-2005)

Members: Mr. Miklós Marschall, Mr. Zsolt Szekeres  and Mrs Boglárka Bata, the CEO of the Foundation. 

Supervisory Board chairperson: Dr. Benedek Varsányi; members: Árpád Nemes, Bogoslav Skierniewski.

Staff of Carpathian Foundation-Hungary

In a viable and well-structured management system all members of the staff have clear responsibilities and tasks. All staff members are responsible for the management and development of their programs and organization related activities and obligations. For the successful operation, and program implementation of the Foundation several external experts and consultants help our work. 

  • Mrs. Boglárka Bata - executive director (overall management, fund raising, public outreach)
  • Mrs. Melinda Vartik - financial manager, accountant
  • Mr. Norbert Havasi - grant manager
  • Ms. Márta Rakusz - external expert
  • Ms. Csomós Beáta - program coordinator
  • Ms. Viktória Horváth - program coordinator, maternity leave
  • Ms. Mónika Bodolai - grant manager
  • Ms. Mercédesz Németh - program coordinator
  • Ms. Zsófia Baglyas - program coordinator
  • Mr. János Buella - volunteer coordinator 
  • Ms. Eszter Égető - communication and project assistant