Workshops in December - "Know Your Rights" Project


On 1st December in Szajla, on the 2nd December in Bükkszentmárton and on 7th December in Szomolya workshops were organized, entitled  „Depending on…-Information about drugs”. It was presented by the experts of RÉV - Help Service for Addicted People organization. There were conversations about drugs and addictions. The professionals talked about the differences between drugs and narceines, different varieties and effects of it, alcohol addiction was also mentioned. It was discussed what should we do if there is an addicted person in our surrounding and if a person was sick of drug/alcohol? What are our rights, what is the „diversion“and who can apply for it? There was a big interest in all the three settlements. Young persons interested in the events, where fascinating questions and answers variegated the workshops.


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