September events of the Know your rights project


In the middle of September public forums were organized in Szajla and Szomolya.The topic of the events were police measures, offences like bobbery, identity check, driving without a driving licence, speeding and other actual questions were discussed with the local policeman. The community of Szomolya visited Budapest and viewed the sights of the capital and also  took part in a boat trip.

In Bükkszentmárton an „Autumn health day” happened guided by Mrs.Horváth (Headnurse,) where children received information playfully about healthy life and grafting and adults by health screening. Blood pressure and blood-sugar measurement were also the part of settling. In the framework of arts and crafts little and big played quiz sportively and posters were made from autumn harvests  during the day. Colourful foods were also prepared by the participants. High interest accompanied in all events.


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