Supporting the integration of Roma refugees


Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians


Supporting the Integration of Roma Refugees in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar Counties - sub-programme

Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians, in cooperation with the Environmental Partnership Foundation, is available to support civil initiatives to address the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis.The " Supporting the integration of Roma refugees in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar counties" subfund provides targeted support to civil society actors active in the field.

What do we support?

We would like to support grassroots civil initiatives to help refugees from Ukraine, which are implemented in the North-Eastern Hungarian region (in the settlements of Northern Hungary and/or Northern Great Plain regions - mainly in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar counties), and which aim to help vulnerable refugees of Roma origin, families and children residing in Hungary to improve their well-being and integration in Hungary, to facilitate their situation.

We are looking for project plans with a complex approach and methodologies that are designed to provide professional assistance in the social, educational, health and cultural fields, based on the needs and circumstances of the beneficiaries. This means facilitating the housing of refugee families, children and adults of Roma origin in Hungary, their access to social, health and educational services, their integration into the labour market, and providing assistance and professional support in the formal administration of these services.

Preference will be given to applications that:

  • have a strategic approach, i.e. they are process-oriented (as opposed to ad hoc actions) and are based on the needs, requirements and circumstances of the people affected;
  • are geared towards working with available social, educational, health, cultural, etc. services, institutions and actors, not just providing material donations;
  • they also aim to develop and expand the human and infrastructural resources and equipment of NGOs involved in the management of the refugee crisis;
  • also ensure the professional well-being of project participants (professionals, staff, volunteers), for example through supervision, professional/psychological counselling and consultation;
  • coordination, cooperation and support of the authorities, organizations and individuals involved and involved in the management of the situation.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • A non-governmental organization (association, foundation, social cooperative) registered for at least one year (by 2021 at the latest), which is (demonstrably) active in the Northern Hungary and/or Northern Great Plain regions and registered here;
  • have previous relevant experience in projects with vulnerable/roma communities, families, children,
  • have a history of work with refugees from Ukraine (i.e. not only in relation to this call for proposals), which can be credibly demonstrated.

The maximum amount of funding that can be applied for is HUF 4 million per project, no co-financing is required, but it will be an advantage during the evaluation process. The available budget is HUF 8 million (of which we intend to support 2-4 projects.)

Project implementation deadline: 1 September 2022 - 31 December 2022 (4 months)

What costs are eligible?

    • Human resources costs (salaries, agency fees, allowances for volunteers, etc.)
    • Equipment, materials (low-value equipment, materials, excluding purchase of vehicles and real estate)
    • Travel, transport costs (travel, transport costs for staff, volunteers, refugees)
    • Service costs (training, supplies, consultancy, event organization, overheads, accounting, etc.)

The amount of the grant requested must not be mainly for the acquisition or purchase of material donations, but the costs of organizing them as donations may be.

What the fund cannot be used for:

    • to cover costs declared or to be declared under another project or grant;
    • penalties, leasing, loans;
    • acquisition of immovable property or motor vehicles;
    • VAT recoverable.

How to apply for support?

Grant applications must be submitted by e-mail to using the downloadable form below (Only fully completed forms will be evaluated.) Only one application per organization may be submitted. 

How is the assessment and payment of the fund done?

Selection and evaluation criteria (20% of each criterion is taken into account):

    • Does the prior experience of the applicant organization guarantee the successful implementation of the project?
    • Does the application demonstrate (credibly) what real needs it is addressing?
    • To what extent is the proposed intervention relevant to the situation, i.e. how feasible is the project?
    • Is the proposed budget realistic? Is the planned cost in proportion to the expected outcome and impact?
    • Will the project really improve the situation of the target group, help their integration (i.e. will it have a real outcome, impact)?

Application deadline: 18 August,2022.

The Carpathian Foundation's Board of Directors will evaluate the applications submitted by 31 August and will inform the beneficiary organization of its decision by e-mail the day after the decision is made. The Carpathian Foundation will transfer 50-100% of the grant amount in advance to the beneficiary organizations after the grant contract has been signed (as agreed).


Reporting and accounting information:

100% of the grant must be accounted for after completion of the project by filling in and submitting the downloadable forms below. The beneficiary organization may request by e-mail, with a duly substantiated justification, an amendment to each cost line and category, but may not exceed the amount of the grant awarded.

Depending on its capacity, the Carpathian Foundation plans to visit all supported projects in person, to participate in organized events and activities, therefore the supported organizations are obliged to send an invitation to the Foundation. In addition, regular joint and individual online consultations (at least monthly) with selected project promoters are planned to monitor the progress of projects and share experiences.

More information is available on request:

Boglárka Bata, +36-20-573-6644

We reserve the right to make changes!

Eger, 1 August 2022.

Carpathian Foundation-Hungary


The programme is supported by the Civitates Fund of the Network of European Foundations.

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