Carpathian Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program

One of the Carpathian Foundation’s main objectives is to encourage talented but disadvantaged students to complete their university studies and stay in the region they live (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hajdú-Bihar, Heves, Jász- Nagykun-Szolnok, Nógrád, and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Counties).

For its fulfillment goal the Foundation has launched a scholarship Program that aims to
  • improve the participating students’ regional and social identities,
  • develop skills that can help students to access the labour market.
The idea of the Carpathian Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program came from Mr. Fred Robey who is a committed donor of the Carpathian Foundation Network; in 2005 he donated 100,000 USD to launch the fund. It was the donator wish to start a 5-year education sponsorship program in five countries of the Carpathian region.
The three main elements of the Program:
  • Financial support: Every participant is granted
  • Tutorial support: The participants receive mentoring help from a personal tutor (university professor).
  • Participants’ volunteer work: Participants, based on their study profile and in co-operation with a local civil organization, agree to work out and manage a one year volunteer project called ‘For the region in the region’.
2006/2007, the first year of the Program was a pilot year, when, we chose one or two high talented students from each of the participating countries. In June 2007 the completion of this trial year was successful.
In 2011 by the supportion of the Duropack-Starpack Ltd. the Program had been extended to the Eszterházy Károly College (Eger) besides the University of Miskolc in Hungary. From 2012 only Mr. Fred Robey supported the program financially.
The supported students:
Roland Havril, University of Miskolc, Political Studies, 2006/2009
Marianna Szabó, University of Miskolc, Sociology & Cultural Anthropology, 2007/2008
Andrea Kis, University of Miskolc, Sociology & Pedagogy, 2007/2009
Mónika Lakatos, University of Miskolc, Sociology, 2008/2009
Rózsa Galyas, University of Miskolc, Geography, 2009/2010
Norbert Fekete, University of Miskolc, History and Hungarian Language&Literature, Zsuzsanna Kondás Economist student, 2010/2011
Arnold Sándor  History- Philosopher student, 2010/2011
Bella Vatamány Miskolc University - Economist, 2011/2012
Lívia Soós Eszterházy Károly College- Political science, 2011/2012
Dániel Krámos Eszterházy Károly College- Geographist, 2011/2013
Zsolt Krajcsik Miskolc University- Economist, 2012/2013
Gabriella Szabó  Eszterházy Károly College-Political science, 2012/2013
In  the academic year of 2013/2014  we gave scholarship for  3 youngsters, two of them are trainees of the foundation -Tímea and Flavián :
Tímea Suhai Eszterházy Károly College-Andragogy student, 2013/2014
Flavián Füleki Eszterházy Károly College-Geography student, 2013/2014
Júlia Kondás Eszterházy Károly College-Social Pedagogy student, 2013/2014
Dávid Kárándi Eszterházy Károly College– PE and coach student, 2015/2016 
Yahya Kamel University of Miskolc - Imaging Diagnostic Analytical Department, 2015/2016 
Ádám Virág University of Debrecen - MA in Sociology, 2016/2017 
Ádám Rostás Eszterházy Károly University - Geography and History, 2017/2018 
Ádám Rostás Eszterházy Károly University - Geography and History, 2018/2019 
Ádám Rostás Eszterházy Károly University - Geography and History, 2019/2020 
Ádám Rostás Eszterházy Károly University - Geography and History, 2020/2021
Zsolt Hamar Eszterházy Károly Catholic University- Community Organizing, 2021/2022
Zoltán Szűrös University of Debrecen - commerce and marketing, 2022/2023
Eszter Hegedüs-University of Debrecen, Faculty of Law 2023-2024