Workshops in February -,Know Your Rights" Project


We vote, the 2022 parliamentary elections are coming soon

February 2022 was about the upcoming elections, in the „Know your rights” project we organized the workshops about this topic. „How can we live with our rights during the elections” was the title, and guest speakers Zsuzsanna Kunos and Dániel Döbrentey from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union talked about the significance and process of the April parliamentary elections. Participants discussed how we can get information about the campaigners and their programs, how to decide for whom to vote, what is “chain voting”, what are the methods of cheating during the elections and what can we do, if we face them.

The workshops occurred on 1st February 2022 in Szomolya and on 16th February 2022 in Bükkszentmárton and Szajla.

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