JobNet Conference

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Our Project partners in the frame of the IVF project:

European Cooperation Center


Karpatska Nadacia

With the support of European Commission we  conducted an international, comparative research on youth unemployment in 6 countries ( 3 of the V4 + Germany, Croatia, Latvia). The research was done under the supervision of experts by unemployed youth based on clearly defined research plan.

The methodology used was varied, uncovering national particularities as well as common features of the countries with best practices, considering how to implement successful methods in different national settings was specially focused.

We organized an international conference in Eger (13-14 November, 2013) where we  and our project partners(Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia) presented the outcomes of the research, and enhanced participants to exchange information, knowledge on successfully applied practices handling youth unemployment (e.g. entrepreneurship, skill development, internships, mentoring, combating early school-leaving, youth banks and youth empowerment techniques). Our intension was  to disseminate practices how to help young jobseekers to understand labor market, economic and job crisis, and pioneering solutions to stimulate job growth and job seeking.

The outcomes of the research and debate (conference) was published on DVD and  publication was   prepared about best practices. These along with a commonly formulated recommendation will be sent to decision makers of the respective countries and EU, besides wide range dissemination to the public and actors affected by, interested in this issue.


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