No European Philanthropic Union yet - Member States’ tax rules and practice hinder cross-border philanthropy in Europe

Brussels – 3rd July 2014 – A study released today by the European Foundation Centre and the Transnational Giving Europe network “Taxation of cross-border philanthropy in Europe after Persche and Stauffer - From landlock to free movement?” calls for less red-tape and non-discriminatory tax treatment for donors and philanthropic organisations throughout the Member States..


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In this edition, TGE joins the community of philanthropic actors supporting the European Philanthropy Manifesto, a DAFNE and EFC joint initiative.

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Keeping up with the ‘Single Market for Philanthropy’ theme, why not join us for the ERNOP 3-days conference and pre-conference in Basel in early July? Now is the time to discuss legal barriers that continue to restrain cross-border giving in Europe. Come and meet us there!