Gifts for 5,000 children from the Carpathian Foundation

Before Santa Claus and the Christmas season, the Carpathian Foundation launched a campaign to draw attention to the situation of families and children living in poverty and deprivation. However, this time our awareness-raising campaign was not a fundraising or a communication campaign, but a close cooperation with active communities, NGOs, hospitals and other institutions working in the Northeast Hungarian region: 5000 socially and economically disadvantaged children were given a package of toys.

Many researches support that learning through play is essential in children's psychological, emotional, and cognitive health, learning and development. 

However, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation of families in need - especially families with many children - living in poverty has become even more hopeless this year, therefore they could also spend less on toys at Christmas. With this initiative, the Foundation and its Partners strived to remedy this situation.

“Thanks to the support of the LEGO Group, we had an opportunity to donate 5,000 toy sets and toy packages to CSOs and children's institutions, which were given or will be given to kids on Santa Claus Day (and at Christmas). ‘In many cases, the staff and volunteers of our Foundation took the toys to schools and hospitals’, said Boglárka Bata, the director of the Carpathian Foundation.

The Lego sets they received as a gift made the children feel happy. Many of them said that it had been the most beautiful Santa Claus day in their life. They had never received LEGO, but had always dreamed of it’, said Katalin Dósa Galyasné, the president of the Kis-Bocs Baba-Mama Public Benefit Association based in Szihalom.

Since its establishment, the Carpathian Foundation has been a committed supporter of programs that improve the quality of life of communities, families and children living in poverty. For many years, it has been working in close partnership with CSOs, supporting them in fighting for the same goals. Every year, it distributes 40 Million HUF in grants to projects aimed at the early childhood development of 300-400 children living in difficult circumstances, in deprived areas or (informal) settlements. Within the granted projects, regular skill development programs, excursions and camps are organized for children, which are unavailable or hardly available to them in these rural areas.


Further information:

Bata Boglárka, executive director

+ 36-20-573-6644

Photos: Carpathian Foundation