“Boost Philanthropy in Europe” - conference

The The King Baudouin Foundation, together with more international organization and communities – including Transnational Giving Europe Network – organized the closing event of the Spring of Philanthropy “Boost Philanthropy in Europe” on 12 May, 2017, in Brussel. (More information about the events can be found here).

The aim of the conference was to highlight the complementary role of philanthropy to public action and showed that philanthropy works in Europe.

Participants discussed the future of philanthropy. They pointed out that philanthropy is growing and playing an even more important role in collaboration with public action. They also acknowledged the need to create an enabling environment for more effective cross-border giving thus it is time to foster cooperation between the sectors.

A short video was edited which is available on Youtube.

On the event the common study of TGE and EFC was presented. We also wrote about the study, you can read it here.

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