In the summer newsletter of TGE is available

In the newsletter the common study of EFC and TGE has been introduced in which the new and bad practices are summarized and recommendations are made that would ease the European, cross-border philanthropy.

On the 12 of May the Boost Philanthropy in Europe conference was organized in Brussels. Participants highlighted the role of philanthropy in public actions and they also acknowledged the need to create an enabling environment for more effective cross-border giving thus it is time to foster cooperation between the sectors. The video summarizing the conference is available also on Youtube.

3 new beneficiaries are introduced in the newsletter; one of them is the Hungarian Saint Stephen Public Benefit Foundation. The primary goal of the Foundation is to establish a “Medical House” where conferences, education and rehabilitation treatments and research activities can be organized and concluded. The Foundation is also committed to culture and organized international exhibitions and charity concerts in Hungary. The cultural activity of the Foundation is continuous, thus it looks for sources and donors for implementing their new ideas.

Wings for Conservation is a small non-profit charitable foundation registered in the Netherlands. The aim of the Foundation is to assist in the long-term management of protected areas in Africa in an effort to fight against elephant poaching across the Continent. The first project will take place in the Republic of Chad, in partnership with the local government in order to help protect the last Chadian elephants.

The aim of the German mozart@augsburg is to bring back the musical glamour to Augsburg, to this magnificent city – which is the birth town of the world’s most famous composer, Leopold Mozart. Thus concerts are organized, young artists are supported; and historic churches and halls are intended to fill with music.

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