Carpathian House Project

The Carpathian House program is coordinated by the Carpathian Foundation-Poland with the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, 400.000 EUR for 4 years. The aim of the program, launched in 2006, is to establish new forms of co-operation between the communities of the Carpathian region through the newly formed relations between the NGOs, the enterprises and the local governments, by means of different programs, forums, exhibitions and publications.

Project activities:

  • In 2008 three conferences were organized in Sanok, Poland for the representatives of NGO, LSG and business sector.
  • Between 24th and 26th June 2009 the second civil forum entitled “Social Entrepreneurship” took place in Sanok, Poland with 15 Hungarian participants, presenters.
  • Between 2nd and 4th December the second LSG Forum entitled “Partnership in the regional development strategies” took place in Sanok, Poland with 12 Hungarian participants, presenters.

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