New program for supporting early childhood development of marginalized Roma

Carpathian Foundation-Hungary has launched a new program to contribute to better educational outcomes of marginalized Roma children in Northeast Hungary by supporting concrete, measurable local development initiatives of nonprofit Roma organizations targeting Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Main goal of the program is to improve the prospects for Roma communities’ future and to increase the chances of approx. 300-400 Roma children and youth in North-Eastern Hungary to become socially and economically integrated independent individuals bringing full value to society by supporting local development projects of Roma and pro-Roma NGOs based on Early Childhood Development concept.

Fulfilling the above mentioned aims the Board of Directors of the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary awarded 12 grant proposals of mainly grassroots Roma or pro-Roma organizations in the total amount of 120.000 EUR.

More information about the program:

List of grants will be soon published in English here: COMING SOON

List of grants in Hungarian is available here