Get in the game!


The “Get in the game” (HUSK/1101/1.6.2/0107) project is supported by the Hungary-Slovakia Cross border Co-operation Program 2007-2013 (HUSK-CBC


Project partners:

Kárpátok Alapítvány-Magyarország

Karpatská nadácia



The duration of the project: 1st October, 2012- 30th September 2013


Main goals of the project:

To contribute the economic increase and the competitiveness in North-East Hungary and Eastern Slovakia, greasing the skids to get in the labour market for the qualified young talented but marginalized youngsters in the bordering region under the age of 30.


By providing -

1. professional experience in a protected environment (non-governmental organization with the help of a mentor )

2. help in getting the  key competences and developing relationship capital to get into the labour market successfully


The project offers concrete resolving model in the bordering regions, which can be used on a local level for the mostly appeared raising unemployment on European level under the 30 years old young people.


The objectives and main activities of the project:  

- deepening the knowledge of the 10-10 youngsters;

- establishing a civil network, which serves the youth unemployment by collecting and spreading their best practices;

- drawing the attention - of the national, regional, local institutions - to the importance of managing the problems at the local level, harmonizing provisions, signification of the cross-sectoral dialogue, and the best practices of the organizations;

- building a partnership among the youth and the NGOs


February, 2013: announcement of the project, selecting the participants

March, 2013: preparation workshop for the participants

April, 2013: opening conference (Eger)

April-May, 2013: volunteer work at the chosen organization 20 hours/month

May, 2013: 2 day long best practice visit (Eger)

June, 2013: closing event - Civil expo and conference (Kosice)


The results of the project can be spread over within the non-profit organizations, operating in the bordering regions. The involved organizations are gaining experience by hosting interns, the observations can be passed, they can start their own intern programme. The existing network widens with new partners after the closure of the project. The conferences, the recommendations transmit the results of the project for others.





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