Complex Organizational Development for NGOs of Heves County

The project is supported by the European Union and the European Social Fund.

Granted amount: 44.062.159 HUF.
Background of the project:
Heves County is known as the most developed county in the northern Hungarian region but it is pretty backward in the nationwide relations. The civil organizations are mainly located in the bigger settlements. The county is not too successful on the National Civic Fund (NCA) tenders - less than 300 organizations gained support with the amount of 173 million forints in 2006. Referring to the database of the National Development Plan, the civil organizations of Heves County were also not successful between 2004 and 2006. This program’s aim to improve the organizational development and project management methods of the participated organizations and must increase their financial and public accountancy knowledge. In the case of the civil improvement only the long term projects can be successful and can fit to the civil demands.
Duration of the project: from 1st of April 2009 till 30th of September 2010.
The project is implemented with the cooperation of the Carpathian Foundation - Hungary, Életfa Environmental Society and the INNTEK Innovation and Technology Center Public Benefit Ltd.
The project affects in all the 7 micro-regions of Heves County and gives help to at least 300 civil organizations, out of these, 30 leaders participate in the free complex organization development process.
We are offering the following services to the participating organizations:

  • Free, 250 hours service of organizational development, since end of May 2009.
  • Participation in 3 accredited trainings in 2010: Project-Cycle Management (pcm), Fundraising and Communication.
  • Free personal advices and expert assistance and counseling on finance, laws, applications and project management in every month.
  • The cooperating organizations will be able to participate effectively in the competitions of the New Hungarian Development Plan (ÚMFT).
  • Developing their fundraising and communication skills and acquire a wider relationship and society reputation.
  1. Project-Cycle Management (PCM) for NGOs
  2. The methods of fundraising for NGOs
  3. Communication knowledge – „Effective communication cooperation” – skill improvement program for NGOs

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