Carpathian Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program Awarded

Thanks to the donation of the Normbenz Magyarország Kft. we announced the possibility to apply for the Carpathian Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program this year as well. We have been looking for young people in need who study and live in the Hungarian territory of the Carpathian region (Northeast Hungary)

We were happy receiving several requests of many candidates and for their high quality applications. Finally, out of the 8 applicants we awarded the Scholarship again to Mr. Ádam Rostás in the academic year of 2019/20, who studies at Eszterházy Károly University in Eger, and will be a history-geography teacher after his graduation. Ádám receives the scholarhsip third time now, and he will conclude his volunteer work in the frame of the "In the Region for the Region" program at our Foundation under the supervision of the CEO.

We hope Ádám will spend his 10 month long volunteer program usefully and we will be able to contribute to his successes both in his future career and personal life.

Congratulations to Ádám!