Resolution on the STOP SOROS package


The STOP SOROS Legislative Package Proposal is outrageous, liar, hateful and extremely harmful!

We neither want to get into details about the provisions of the bill concerning the alleged "organizations that support illegal migration”, and nor about on “immigration restraining orders”.

However, we cannot go on without protesting this bill, as it indicates that those civil organizations will lose its public benefit status, which receive more funding from abroad  than domestic support in a given year, AND if the amount of foreign support is greater than the sum of its 1% offerings (it is very low in Hungary).

According to civic experts (NIOK) it may affect approximately 900-1000 civil organizations in Hungary. And it implies that the relevant public benefit organizations will not be able to provide tax-free grants, scholarships and tax benefits for their corporate donors and all of their beneficiaries will be obliged to pay personal income tax after the services provided to them by these organizations. It will make the operation of these organizations unbearable.

We consider this provision extremely outrageous! As it continues to stigmatize non-governmental organizations receiving financial support/grants from abroad; and many disadvantaged people, children and families will fall away from important free services, grants that have not been provided to them from other sources.

Shameful and hateful to declare, that foreign support is in vain; unfortunately, there are a lot of social problems in our country that are not supported by domestic funds and local philanthropy (especially as in Hungary individuals can not apply tax relief after their donations)!

We completely condemn this draft bill!

Please support the affected civil organizations, and send your comments (you can copy what we wrote above) to the government at the following email address:

If you are wondering what would happen to the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary, if this shameful and liar bill will come into force, then keep on following us as we would like to briefly present all of our programs that run or were implemented by foreign financial support. We would like to underline that foreign aid is not harmful and it is a lie that those who receive such, support the implementation of the SOROS Plan or migration.

You can read the planned package of laws in English here:

Thank you for your support!