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Effective early interventions

Early childhood is crucial for all, this sensitive period and the impacts humans experience in this stage is a determining factor for a life course. Early development is shaped by various factors like the lifestyle and conditions of parents, experiences in infancy, caring relationships, family environments, physical and built environments, community environments, environmental toxins, nutrition, stress, and poverty. 

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New Board Members

In 2020 Miklós Marschall has joined to our Board of Directors, Miklós was the founding director of CIVICUS International from 1994 to 1998, the director of Transparency International for Europe and Central Asia from 1999 to 2017, and then the general director of Transparency International. His name is associated with many researches and publications analyzing the non-profit sector.

Gifts for 5,000 children from the Carpathian Foundation

Before Santa Claus and the Christmas season, the Carpathian Foundation launched a campaign to draw attention to the situation of families and children living in poverty and deprivation. However, this time our awareness-raising campaign was not a fundraising or a communication campaign, but a close cooperation with active communities, NGOs, hospitals and other institutions working in the Northeast Hungarian region: 5000 socially and economically disadvantaged children were given a package of toys.

WHO Foundation - our partner


The WHO Foundation was created to complement and strengthen WHO’s efforts to address global health issues. Launched in May 2020 as an independent grant-making foundation, it works to create new opportunities for major donors, corporate partners and members of the general public to engage with WHO.

No child left behind?!– a study presentation

This is the title of a study commissioned by the Carpathian Foundation  and its cross-border partner, Karpatska nadácia, which provides a thorough overview of the characteristics, results and shortcomings of early childhood interventions, services and programs in Hungary and Slovakia (especially in the Hungarian-Slovak border region).

Thank you for your support!

We would like to thank TESCO Department Store (of Eger) for supporting us with nearly 100,000 HUF this year. The amount offered was used to support families and children who got into financially problematic situation due to coronavirus pandemic. They could buy durable food, school supplies, cleaning and disinfection products from the donation. The donation was distributed to families in need, with the help of our local partners, CSOs operating in and around Eger!

Thank you, TESCO!

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Scholar of the Year 2020

The Carpathian Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program has been running for fifteenth year was re-announced in 2020. 

As to the call we were looking for disadvantaged students of higher education institutions in the Carpathian region who at the same time care for their communities and talented.  

On September 28 2020, from many high-quality applications, Ádám Rostás was unanimously reselected as the scholarship holder of the Year 2020 by the Board of Directors of the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary.

Does it strengthen or weaken us? – A civil meeting in Eger

On 19 September 2020, a regional professional meeting entitled ’Does it strengthen or weaken us?  - civilians during and after the epidemic’ was organized at Szépasszonyvölgy in Eger, connected to the event of 25th Eger Civil Festival.

Approximately 40 people attended the meeting, including volunteers, members and staff of CSOs from the North-Eastern regions of Hungary.

Playing is our passion!

Photo: Réka Makula (the picture was taken at one of the sessions in Nyíregyháza)

Even the poorest children have the right for proper development.

The Carpathian Foundation distributes more than 500 development games.

When children play, they also learn, a they acquire lifelong skills of collaboration, communication and problem solving – those skills that children in the most deprived areas desperately need.

Study trip to Slovakia

We organized a study trip within the „Strengthening and activating the small communities of the settlements in Northern Hungary” project on 24-25 August 2020 to Slovakia. Representatives, volunteers and employees of the participating small communities, NGOs visited two civil society organizations.