Community clean-up at the Béke Settlement

THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE REHABILITATION OF THE “BÉKE-SETTLEMENT” operates in Felnémet district of the city of Eger, primarily at the Béke settlement it is segregated Roma settlement). Its members have been actively involved in our project since its inception, and in 2019 a community clean-up action was also organized by them. The heart of this work was not only to make the environment of this settlement more beautiful, but also to make the local families living here more responsible for working together to make their own place of residence more clean, and well-kept.

An important goal was to see how much change can be achieved if they come together and make a difference. The actual junk clearance was preceded by careful organisation, numerous discussions, visits to locals in their respective areas concluded by the volunteers of the association. During the first discussion, main local problems were identified, and the lack of payment of garbage fees was selected as the main reason for the messy surroundings.

On the following occasion, organizers provided accurate information to the participants, people living here learned about the process of junk clearance, while the children could play in the garden of the community house used by the volunteers nearby.

After several discussions with the relevant garbage utilization firm, the exact date of the clearance was set. Afterwards everyone collected and containerized their own rubbish, finally the series were closed with cookouts.

The area became cleaner, the locals came closer together through cooperation and working together, and their children had a great time. Altogether, 120 local residents took part in the process and as a result, a 15 cubic meter container was filled with rubbish and junk.

This action was implemented within the framework of the Carpathian Foundation's project entitled ""Strengthening and activating small communities of Northeast Hungary" " (EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00915) .

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union and co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Hungarian Government.