The Forrás Foundation for Disabled Youths

The Forrás Foundation for Disabled Youths was established in 2011 with János Bolyki’s generous financial support, who is a local wine-maker. The aim of the organization is to create opportunities  for disabled children and adults with special needs, by which their personality is developing as best it can to enable them to pursue their studies under the best possible conditions in accordance with their abilities, to provide them with cultural and entertainment opportunities suitable for them. They are convinced that disabled children are be able to co- create value, contributing to society through their work, through they can gain an independent existence, if they are given the right support. Since its establishment, the foundation has been organizing weekly programs for its members with active participation of its members, leisure and club activities holding at the leisure centre of Eger. In addition to this, many excursions, events and special occasions are organized on the special days and holidays of the year, but their fundraising gala has been held for 5 years colourful performances await those interested in them. Thanks to the professional and financial support of the Carpathian Foundation, the enthusiastic small foundation team implemented several initiatives within the framework of the cooperation.

One of their mini-projects was the Chance Lessons, during which "sensitisation and educational sessions" on the lives of the people with disabilities were organized for primary school students. The aim of the series of events is to form a so-called social attitude and promote the social integration of people with disabilities, improving the social skills of children and youngsters. The lectures were attended by more than 120 students who could learn in an interactive way, what causes a person become disabled, what types of disabilities there are, and how people with different disabilities and their family members live their daily lives. These children could also learn and become aware of what difficulties (mobility, hearing and vision impairments) people with disabilities face in their daily lives, what aids they use, so they could try them out to understand how, for example, a trained helper dog can help them and how to support their lives. It was also presented how youngsters and adults without disabilities can help.  It made ”healthy” and ”disabled” people come together by playing-solving tasks that required different tools (puzzle, logic games, arcade games). The children participating in the Chance Lessons were given a bookmark as a gift from the members of the Foundation made by young people with disabilities and special needs earlier in their craft classes.

In addition to this, the members of the foundation could participate in a self-advocacy training course conducted in the project, which provided participants more accurate and useful information on desirable greeting behaviour and internal and external qualities were discussed in order to develop self-knowledge and of course, there was also a talk on some human rights issues, especially the rights of people with disabilities, a knowledge of which is essential for them in their daily lives.

This action was implemented within the framework of the Carpathian Foundation's project entitled ""Strengthening and activating small communities of Northeast Hungary" " (EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00915) .