The Opal Talent Foundation for acceptance

The Opal Talent Foundation was founded in 2010. Its main aim is to support gifted (mainly Roma) children from disadvantaged and multiple disadvantaged backgrounds.

They try to help children from school age to college years so that they all can find their own place in the world. The work of the Opal Foundation is quite many-sided, just as the talents of the children they support. From fine arts through to sports and science they strive to put programs that reflect to the needs of children in almost every field of talent, as this can lay foundations for children's future.

With the help of the Carpathian Foundation, many mini-projects were implemented. During these mini-projects, they mainly wanted to present different methods of teaching to prospective educators that they can use in their later careers.

In November 2018, a smaller company of pedagogical students could participate in an acceptance-based training. Also in November of this year, other topics were the Jews and Romas – and how prospective teachers will be able to discuss these topics with elementary or high school students.

At the end of November, it was about being able to provide effective help as a volunteer ”Helping well” taking into account the needs of the target group and the environment. In February 2019, the Opál Team also organized several mini-projects with the involvement of the Arany János Elementary School.  Most of these projects were sport events aimed at drawing the attention of teachers and students to the importance of sports, and regular exercise; and as a secondary goal, to bring minority and majority societies closer through love of sports and physical activity.


This activity was implemented within the framework of the Carpathian Foundation’s project entitled "Strengthening and activating small communities of Northeast Hungary" (EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00915)

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Hungarian Government.